Our Philosophy

El Dorado Holdings, Inc., was formed in 1987 by Mike Ingram as a “friends and family” investment vehicle for a diverse range of real estate opportunities. Since then, the company has completed more than 110 successful transactions and manages a portfolio of more than 40 single-asset limited liability companies, each of which holds a distinct piece of Arizona real estate. This portfolio represents more than $350 million of invested equity that has appreciated over the years to $1 billion with minimal debt.

El Dorado typically uses 100 percent equity in acquiring property. The company has a solid network of seasoned high-net-worth real estate investors who share our long-view philosophy of the market and its cycles. El Dorado’s history of favorable returns has earned investor trust, allowing us to raise money and respond quickly.

Company leaders believe in hands-on management and are directly involved in all day-to-day operations; including acquisitions, financing, rezoning, development, marketing, leasing and disposition of our assets.

El Dorado Holdings represents a unique opportunity for individuals to be involved in the Arizona real estate investment market at their own comfort levels, on a deal-by-deal basis.